We are in constant need of children and infant clothing–new or used, baby supplies (for example formula, soft food, strollers, baby carriers, etc.), toiletry items, and adult female clothing. Journey of Hope has a community partnership with the Asian Trafficking Association, so we share the adult clothing items with them so both of our clientele have access to clean clothing. During the summer, we appreciate donations, such as fans and sunscreen, to help our clients manage the heat. Similarly, in winter months, we are in constant need of jackets and socks, especially because some of the women we work with are homeless.


$25: Provides funding for a client to participate in one psychology education class.

$50: One client case management planning session.

$100: One client one month case management.

Of course, all donations are much appreciated. Through PayPal, you can easily set up recurring payments to help empower Utah women!